Akasha’s staff went way above and beyond in making sure our stay was enjoyable and that our every need was met. – Beth & Family

Not only does it have some of the best views you can find on the island but the quality of the villa is outstanding.  I am use to traveling through the Caribbean and I have stayed at many hotels and villas but none have compared or even come close to how breathtaking this villa is. – Bryan F

The sound system throughout Akasha is remarkable. As a musician, I couldn’t help but also notice the exceptional acoustics throughout the house. My guitar comes with me everywhere and I won’t soon forget the experience of playing my favourite flamenco piece in the living room of Akasha during a picturesque Caribbean sunset. – Erol O

For those looking for more than just another crowded upscale resort, a stay at Akasha is a fantastic alternative.  It offers more amenities, more luxury, and of course far more space, and is far more private and peaceful. – Beth & Family

During the day my friends and I were able to relax around the pool.  Evenings were lively as we played music from the Ipod docking station.  It was great to hear ‘our’ music from any room in the house and even outside around the pool area. – Salena C

The site and the pictures simply don’t show the true beauty of Akasha.  The gourmet kitchen is far more spectacular in person than it is in the pictures, and the words and pictures describing the resort’s services and staff can’t adequately reflect the welcome feeling and superb service they provide to guests. – Beth & Family

We would return in a heartbeat.  Sue and David

I think a lot more families would surely choose to stay in such a beautiful villa as Akasha over any crowded resort if they knew up front that such necessities as food and transportation were so easily arranged. – Anon