• On the Entertainment level play the piano and have a sing along with your friends – gaze out over the Caribbean sea and up at the stars from the wooden terrace with the inlaid glass
  • Play some games in the Games room – pool table, poker table – chips are free, ping pong table or just watch your favorite sports on the plasma TV
  • Take in a movie in the  cinema, built to Concert hall standard, with its luxury leather reclining seats. Just dim the lights to the preset levels – there is one for horror movies, or to any level you like, kick those shoes off and escape into another world of your choice. The 110 inch screen will make that easy and the 7.1 surround sound from the Meridan and Kef speakers will complete that journey.  Don`t forget to invite your friends – there`s room for 9 here
  • Chill in the Infinity pool with swim up seats and separate spa
  • Listen to music from the music server or internet radio in any room including the bathrooms, terraces plus the lookout level.  Bring you Ipod and drop it into the docking station and then just sit back and all your favorite tunes can be played anywhere in the villa.
  • If you want some really private sun bathing then the Lookout level is perfect with its far reaching views and super breeze
  • At night the stars are always sparkling and any terrace allows you to view them with the naked eye.  But if you fancy getting close to them then head up to the Lookout level
  • Use the wireless internet to stream any feed from the internet or skype your friends and make then jealous when they see the view you have!

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